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The River Gypsies Guide to North America

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River Gypsies just finished publishing their new Guide to Whitewater Kayaking Classics throughout North America. I managed to get a page in there for some of Squamish’s classic waterfalls.

Check out the River Gypsies Guide to North America

River Gypsies Guide to North America

River Gypsies Guide to North America

Elinchrom Ranger RX speed

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Elinchrom are a Swiss based manufacturer producing high end studio flashes for the fashion and action sports market. They are very popular within the action sports market due to their rugged builds and super fast flash durations, combined with a short recycle time. There are lots of manufactuers producing high quality studio flashes (alien bees, profoto, hensel etc etc) , but Elinchrom seem to produce the product best suited to shooting outdoor action sports with.

In the past I have spent a lot of time and effort working with the strobist model of utilising small speedlight strobes to create outdoor lighting set ups. Most of my time was spent using METZ C45 and the Nikon SB800′s with the pocket wizard radio remote triggers. There areĀ  lots of advocates for using small flashes (joe Mcnally etc etc) but they tend to be more portrait based or sponsored by Nikon ( 20 odd speedlights in your bag ). Personally I found the small flashes needed to be extremely close to the subject to achieve any results and also the ambient light had to be very low in order to over power it. This can be an acceptable path to go down for sports such as skateboarding, certain MTB shots, but I found for sports that put the subject further away from you such as skiing, kayaking etc etc, the speedlights produced nothing but lots of failed shots and frustration…

So after spending countless hours planning amazing outdoor lighting scenarios only to be shutdown, by moisture problems, battery issues, lack of duration issues, I finally threw down the dollars on what seems to have become certainly in the ski industry the strobe of choice the Elinchrom Ranger RX speed.

So the last week has been the initial learning curve on using the elinchrom for kayaking and biking shots specifically. So far the elichrom has been fantastic , it is super reliable, it fires every time, recycles fast enough to pop two shots in a sequence and most importantly has a short enough duration to freeze motion in the water and the kayaker. The build quality of the Elichrom is also an important factor as it is fully sealed on both the pack and head, as you can imagine this is a deal breaker for use around water and snow.

Elinchrom Ranger RX speed

Elinchrom Ranger RX speed

Cheakamus River BC

Elinchron Ranger RX Speed @ Cheakamus River BC


Biking on the Squaumish trails

Elinchrom Ranger whitewater shots

Elinchrom Ranger whitewater shots

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June 10th, 2009 at 9:08 pm

Kayak season is almost upon us…..

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Well the snow is on it’s way out, pig flu is on it’s way in, the temperatures are rising and the rivers are slowly starting to fill for the summer. The rivers and creeks around the Squamish area are still low in relation to how warm it has been, it seems it may be another week or so before the season truly begins. Maybe the first of the rains will open the season with a bang ?

At present the Whistler area is slowly moving, but things like the Calaghan Creek are still too low, maybe a week or so will see them coming into the low end flows. Vancouver is starting to move and the Ashlu area maybe offering low Box Canyon flows.

All too soon the rivers will go from trickles to raging torrents and the start of the spring madness begins ! Spring kayaking always feels a little bit sketchy as you are often not as fresh as you are mid summer and the rivers are at their highest and most challenging flows. Spring in the Whistler area, usually means lots of laps on the super classic upper Cheak and high flow Calaghan runs, both offering big volume fun creeking…..

Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith on the upper Cheak

Tim Loubier

Tim Loubier on Calaghan Creek