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Rapid Magazine – Water colours

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Rapid Magazine recently printed this shot from the Ashlu box canyon. This shot was actually a out-take from a quest for a shot that still has not worked.

Whilst paddling the box canyon there is one view that kayakers get when they exit the third of the triple drops, it looks directly back upstream at all the drops stacked upon each other in the super dramatic box canyon. To me this is the absolute essence of the run as it captures the total commitment of the canyon and the impressive vertical drop of the rapids which is very hard to achieve from an aerial prospective. So far though the only way that I can achieve the positioning is via a fleeting glance from the kayak as you pass through the exit pinch. Maybe there is no other way to feel that feeling, other than in a kayak, who knows ? What I do know is I have been very close using some SRT rope techniques, but still not quite got there. I suspect I may be chasing that shot for sometime to come.

Snow conditions at Whistler Blackcomb 11th of December 2010

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Opening Day Whistler Blackcomb 19th November 2010

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Kokanee Crankworx 2010 First Weekend Highlights

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Whistler Biking Experiences

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Calaghan Creek Race

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The Callaghan race this past Saturday was a resounding success! Despite some worries about water levels and an organizational hiccup days before the race the local community came together to throw a fantastic grass-roots event with beautiful summer weather, a perfect water level and a great turnout of both competitors and spectators. Water levels dropped from a high medium to a perfect medium just in time for the race making the course far more manageable than days before.

I went along to shoot some photos for the race and to generally hang out and boat with all the folk who turned up to celebrate the Creek.

Calagahan Creek is the defacto afterwork classic for Whistler locals and is a classic Southwest BC run that draws kayakers from across the globe to paddle it’s perfect waterfalls. Read Steve Arns’ of Liquid Lores description of the run

The race itself went really well – when the dust settled the team of Kurt Braunlich and Fred Norquist took the title down to Bellingham until next year – great work guys! The top three teams all finished within 30 seconds of one another. Also notable is Mark Basso’s finish with a broken and sinking boat from a small piton while still coming in third place and Maxi Kniewasser and Ric Moxon racing without posting a time after putting in a valliant effort to get to the start line in time but just coming in 5 minutes to late (we were all relieved that we didn’t have to compete against these monsters…).

Check out some shots below from the race. I experimented with using the new Fuji Instax 210 wide to grab some portrait and personality shots for the race. What a fun little toy that turned out to be. The others were taken off the Nikon D3S.

Here are the competitors times for the whole length of the Calaghan Creek ! Next time you paddle the creek and spend 3 hrs scouting it all bear in mind these times ! :-)

Fred Norquist – Kurt Braunlich – 16:55
Matt Kompass – Ben Hawthorne – 17:09
Mark Basso – Benjamin Hjørt – 17:23
Greg Dashper – Mikael Aubin – 17:29
Jakub Drnec – Matt Mackinnon – 18:17
Jordie Mackenzie – Bryce Shaw – 18:31
Spencer Cox – Sean Allen – 20:05
Ali Marshall – Steve Arns – 23:40
Jonas Grünewald – Leif Embertson – DNF

3rd Ben Hawthorne and Matt Kompass

Spring Kayaking

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Couple of snaps from the start of this years kayak season. So far the season has been pretty full with an early start due to a knee injury skiing. This spring has seen my first experiments with using SRT rope techniques to access difficult canyons for images. It is quite a scary moment when you have to sit back and trust your less than solid ropework skills for the first time, it all seemed pretty simple whilst I was learning the theory on the tinterweb and practicing my rigging suspended 2 ft from the floor in the garage :-) What could possibly go wrong??

Whistler Bike Park with Katrina strand, Miranda Miller and Rebecca McQueen

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Having spent the larger portion of my time in places where it pisses it down for large amounts of time, believe it or not you actually start to form a strange love of the rain, or possibly a deep seated hatred and a drink problem. It is still hard to tell which way I will go with it, but one thing I do know is that when the rain stops, the mists in the coast mountains are some of the most inspiring scenes you can imagine. They roll gracefully across the hillsides, pulsing through the forests and breathing with the landscape. They somehow make all the wet misery worth it………….

This Spring has been a continuation of the Coast mountains ‘el Nino’ trend with large amounts of rain falling on the coast. Here are a few selects from the spring rains…….

Whistler Bike Park opening day May 2010

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Rider of the year awards

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Rider of the year awards

Rider of the year awards

Patrick Camberlain of formerly YGP and more recently the Tribe riders has come up with the ‘Rider of the year awards’ . This is a yearly competition to celebrate whitewater kayaking in all it’s forms and recognize some of the key players in the progression of our sport.There are a variety of different awards from the best freestyle move, which will be a video submission to the more subjective rider of the year which will be peer voted.

Hopefully this concept will grow for Pat and will gain the support required to become an annual event that grows and continues for years to come. Working in Whistler I often get to go to all the contests and similar set ups in the snowsports industry and often wish kayaking had some sort of similar platform. Well here it is….. Great idea Pat….

On a personal level , I was pretty excited because I got invited to submit photos to the ‘photographer of the year’ section. This is super exciting as it is an opportunity for all the amazing whitewater photogs to showcase their work next to each other. Great to see the talent pool of photography that exists within our fringe sport that in reality has little to no financial potential for a photographer.



Rain, rain, rain………

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It has rained for a solid week now in Squamish. One of the great by products of this is the amazing fog you get in the woods. Jonathon Desrosiers enjoys a trail ride in the dark woods of the Garibaldi Highlands….

fog2 copy

Jonathon Desrosiers biking in Squamish